Let’s Help Josh

Meet Josh

‚ÄčAnyone that knows Josh Nelson and his family know they have love of God, family, and all things Disney!  For a person that some days carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, Josh has a carefree demeanor and positive outlook on life.  He has a smile that is contagious, even on the days that he feels his worst.  His kidney disease has been a cross he has bore since his diagnosis at just six days old.  A cross that he has carried with grace, even with the news that he was in dire need of a kidney transplant.  Josh Nelson needs your help.  He needs a kidney.  He's looking for the perfect match and another chance at a life - a chance that you could give him as a living kidney donor.

Josh is looking for the perfect match and another chance at a life - a chance that you could give him as a living kidney donor. Could it be you?

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In the beginning...
Joshua was born with one kidney that didn't function at all and one that was the size of a five month old pre-born baby.  His first dialysis treatment was at 10 days old.  That was the beginning of a 21 year relationship with Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis.

There were good days and bad days.  There were periods of time as a child where he felt "healthy" and days where the disease took its toll.  In 2003, his kidney had held on as long as it could, and the need for a kidney transplant was inevitable.  His mother who gave him life would bless him with a second chance at life as his living kidney donor.  For the first time since birth, Josh would truly live - free of dialysis, free of sickness - if only for a while.

Let's Help Josh

Since 2003, there have been bumps in the road and up and downs as his body adjusted to his transplant.  In January of this year, it became clear that his kidney was failing and another transplant would be needed very soon.  Joshua's overall health continues to deteriorate.  Due to recent surgery, he became unable to continue working, he has lost his appetite, is constantly cold from anemia, and has a general icky feeling all the time.  He has now had to start hemodialysis.

He needs a miracle.  He needs a living kidney donor.  Is it you? 

Be a living kidney donor
If you are interested in becoming a living kidney donor, you must call the Transplant Office at (314) 362-5365, option 4, or (800) 633-9906, option 4, BEFORE you receive an appointment.  During your call, demographic information will be obtained.  Next, you will be mailed a donor packet.  Upon completion of the packet, a blood draw will be scheduled with the Transplant Office's HLA Laboratory.  Only 5 donors can be tested at a time.

What else can I do?
Share, share, share Josh's story and help us spread the word.  The more people that know about his need, the better his chances are of finding a living kidney donor.

God is good.  All the time.  We are still keeping the faith alive and looking for a miracle.  Please keep Josh and his family in your prayers.  Pray for strength, courage, patience, healing, health, and, of course, a kidney donor match.

Financial Support
Josh and his mom are not the type to ask for help, but sometimes the burden becomes too much to bear.  In the last month, Josh has undergone a battery of tests to asses his overall health and kidney function.  On February 5, he had surgery to place a catheter to begin hemodialysis.  As he waits for a kidney, the dialysis and necessary medicines to keep him alive are costly.  In addition, a minimum of $6,000 (just for copay) will be needed when his perfect match is found and he undergoes transplant surgery.  If you are so inclined to make a donation toward Josh's medical bills, please help!

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